digiCOOP is a digital platform that will revolutionize the way your cooperative serves its members. It is a digital cooperative platform made interoperable among member cooperatives to extend financial inclusion to their members using the latest technology. Enrooted with the aim to provide financial freedom to every Filipino, our platform empowers both the cooperative and its cooperators that are part of the digiCOOP circle.

digiCOOP is a Cooperative Management System made interoperable with other relevant systems to:

• Provide convenience and improve

Bakit ka pa pipila para mag deposit, humiram, mag withdraw, mag bayad, magremit at mag-apply ng loans at para mag-claim ng insurance? Bakit pa kailangan maghintay ng ilang linggo o buwan para makuha ang kailangan mo?

• Build wealth

We intend to transform regular members into entrepreneurs and earn as much as 50,000 a month. There is strength in numbers and technology can turn numbers into money!

• Increase cost savings member experience

Expand your coop services through this all-in-one mobile kiosk. Your COMMUNITY BANKING right at your fingertips.

Our Purpose

digiCOOP was built for the underserved

digiCOOP is creating wealth and financial freedom for cooperatives and their members beyond financial inclusion. Consists of multiple products built over the years to ensure lower cost of transactions passed on to the common people.

As a company, we are focused on enabling the enablers of the bottom of the pyramid, first in the Philippines, then throughout Southeast Asia.

Why should you join digiCOOP?

First in the Philippines: digiCOOP

digiCOOP is FREE!

Yes, libre lang ang digiCOOP! Walang installation fee! No need to buy new hardware, servers. All you need is your existing device and internet connectivity. No license fee. It is free!

Earn with our 1KIN Program Integration

Through digiCOOP, offer insurance products to both members and non-members powered by 1CISP. Earn your commissions and referral fees instantly via your digiCOOP wallet.

Make NEW Money

Make new money while being productive, efficient and technologically advanced! Coops get a share for every transaction when you convert members into agents.

Earn as much as 20% on digicoop products

digiCOOP products in our marketplace are vetted to be eco friendly and 100% effective and trustworthy. Sell without puhunan!

Be tech advanced and increase productivity

For as low as 10 pesos per member per month, avail of core banking system far a 360-degree customer experience.

Feature of digiCOOP?

digiCOOP Feature List:


You members can now apply for membership online

Member Management

Member file and directory can now be readily available digitally

Election Module

Should there be a need for voting, do it online!


Give training and seminars through the platform!

Events Registration

Cooperative events are now automated! Registration can now be better managed for planning.


Buy and sell cooperative products! Transact with other cooperatives and also other members of digicoop interested in what you offer.

Loan Applications

Cut the lines and save on time! No more tedious paperwork to apply for loans. Just go online and click apply.

digiCOOP App

Cooperative members can download the digiCOOP app on their mobile phones to manage their accounts.

Circle Card with QR

Member can opt to have a card with their app. Just show you QR code in your coop branches to access your account.

digiCOOP Admin

Cooperatives have an online dashboard to manage their business processes, members and transactions more conveniently and just a click away.

Bills payment

Skip the queues! Aggregating over 1000 billers nationwide, payments are all done through the app


Turn cooperative offices into remittance centers all over the Philippines and keep the remittance fees!

Wallet Transfers

Members will have an online wallet wherein they can transact using the digiCOOP platform

Payment Gateway

Multiply your branches to almost 40,000 payment centers nationwide. Members can now pay their coop dues online (online bankcing, GCash, Paymaya, etc.) and offline (over-the-counter payment centers like 7-11, Cebuana, Mlhuillier, LBC, and many many more).


Coops can be authorized mobile load dealer keeping top-up fees. With the digiCOOP app, the reach will now be broader.

Partnered with 1CISP, members can now be digiCOOP agents and earn additional income through the 1KIN program. Another benefit if the automation of e-policy generation and claims.
An optional, but value-adding core banking system for cooperatives within the digiCOOP circle

Sign up your cooperative, sign up as a member, agent even as a merchant!


Sign Up your


Building a beneficial shared platform for each cooperative — digiCOOP is breaking barriers through connecting differentiated cooperatives while building a fairer digital economy for all.


Sign Up as a


Expand and enjoy your cooperative services through digiCOOP's all in one mobile kiosk. Your COMMUNITY BANKING right at your fingertips

Sign Up as an Agent

Agents can facilitate transactions on behalf of their cooperative and earn from some of the transactions as an incentive.

Agents can:

Collect loan payments and facilitate loan applications.

Sell Insurance on behalf of the cooperative

Facilitate bills payments for cooperative members and non-members

Sell products found in the digiCOOP marketplace

Facilitate money remittance for members and non-members.

Agents can facilitate e-wallet cash in and cash out of digiCOOP members.

Become an E-loader



Have more customers with digiCOOP Marketplace! So easy to use, just display your product to your Cooperative page to the marketplace and allow customers to purchase the on-site!

Apply for a digiCOOP

Circle Card

Why wait for weeks to receive your claims and benefits? Introducing digicoop wallet app and circle card where you receive your payouts, claims and benefits without lining up. Conveniently pay, track, and trace all kinds of digiCOOP transactions through your Circle Card.

Join our Growing


Happy members mean happy community! Join us as a member or as a cooperative! Grow and serve more members without the need to put up branches. Your members can be agents and they bring your services to other places. Allow them to disburse and collect loans, sell your goods and many more! Help your members build their wealth, sign up now and make them your digiCOOP agents today!